Hillary is 18 and an athlete

The Clinton campaign released a letter from her doctor, Lisa Bardack, which set out key medical details about the Democratic candidate.

Medical conditions: Hypothyroidism and seasonal allergies

Blood pressure: 100/70

Pulse: 70

Cholesterol: 189 (LDL 103, HDL 56, tryglycerides 159)

Respiratory rate: 18 

Temperature: 97.8 

Pulse-oximetry: 99% 

Height: not disclosed 

Weight: not disclosed

Mental condition: ‘excellent’ 

Medications: Prescribed Levaquin for bacterial pneumonia. Previously received anti-pneumonia vaccines Prevnar and Pneumovax, on undisclosed dates. Takes Coumadin, a blood thinner, also Armor thyroid and B12 ‘as needed’. 

Pretty good numbers huh?

Especially for a woman who collapses, can’t walk up stairs and needs a step stool to get into a vehicle

If only I could be so healthy

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