Gear review : Twyst flashlight by Nebo

The TWYST™ is a breakthrough in innovative technology — a light that does it all. The TWYST features a high-power work light, lantern and flashlight all in one!  The TWYST uses an advanced C•O•B LED technology that allows the shaping of light into full 3D patterns, giving optimal, bright, uniform light exactly where it’s needed. Retractable base stabilizers are positioned at the bottom of the flashlight to give added stability on uneven surfaces. A powerful magnetic base also provides convenient hands-free lighting. TWYST™…shaping light like never before!

• 110 Lumen Work Light
• 250 Lumen Lantern
• 3400 LUX LED Flashlight

• Advanced C•O•B LED Technology
• Tactical edge
• Fully dimmable beam
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; water and impact-resistant
• Retractable Base Stabilizers
• Powerful magnetic base

• Side-positioned ON/OFF button

• Powered by 4 AA batteries (included)

This is a product I highly recommend

Super bright and fully dimmable it also has work light mode which is the small picture to the left

On high this light is brighter than my Tac light

Push the button again and it is lantern mode which is the middle picture

It not only has a strong magnetic base but also the little wings that fold out to make it stand

They don’t have the  battery life listed on their site but on dim it has a stupid crazy amount of battery life

I bought one for my grand daughter a year or so ago and was so impressed that I had to get one for myself

It has now become the only light that I ever reach for

They are a little spendy but if you shop around on Amazon they are well below the list of $49.00

I lucked out because our plumbing supplier had them and I was able to get them at wholesale


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