So in the meantime……

They just upgraded our local forecast

Sustained hurricane force winds for two hours

It is time for me to batten down the hatches



7 responses to “So in the meantime……

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    Be safe!

  2. Hang on Captain, gonna be a bumpy ride! Hope you and yours are well.

  3. rightwingterrorist

    Hope you had a fun time!
    I always enjoyed hurricanes.
    Katria, Rita, Ivan(?), plus too many to remember tropical storms.
    The most “entertaining” was working in Mexico (Bay of Campeche).
    Of course we worked until the last minuet, the port authorities closed the port where we were supposed to dock (del Carmen?), so I rode that one out in a Saturation system with 40′ seas.

  4. CDC Gives Itself The Power to Indefinitely Detain Healthy People En Masse Without Appeal

  5. Thanks all. Just got my internet back. Accidentally scheduled work for labor day. Oops.

  6. Yeah, we have the usual hurricane party

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