Cops shoot man in parking lot, crowd gathers and starts shooting at cops

“Kansas City, Mo – Kansas City Police Officers had just shot an armed suspect on Sunday morning when a crowd began to gather around them. Gunshots started getting fired at the officers, who were forced to take cover with the man that the officers had just shot.

The incident happened early Sunday morning in a parking lot at 72nd Street and Wabash Avenue. Officers were on patrol when they heard gunshots and observed a large crowd in the parking lot. Officers approached and confronted a man who was armed with a handgun. There aren’t many details about the confrontation, but one of the police officers shot the suspect.

The police officers were administering first aid to the suspect when they got surrounded by the large crowd. One of the men approached the officers aggressively and refused to back up, interrupting officers who were trying to provide first aid. The man was tased as he was coming at officers, and then taken into custody.

Numerous shots then started to get fired at officers, forcing them to take cover along with the shot suspect and the other suspect in custody. None of the officers were shot.

A gunshot victim later arrived at the hospital, who is believed to be the likely victim of the man that the police officers has shot.

The suspect is still alive at the time of this writing, and is expect to be charged for his crimes.

This isn’t the first time this week that onlookers have fired a weapon near police and heckled them at a shooting scene. Friday we released a post about the same thing happening in Chicago.”

Crowd Gathers, Shoots At Kansas City, Mo Officers After Officer-Involved Shooting



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  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    You just can’t take the negro out of the jungle and put them in civilization. They haven’t finished evolving.

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