Zika discovered in Pinellas county Fl. , 265 Mi. from Miami

“Florida officials on Tuesday announced the first case of Zika acquired by local mosquitoes in Pinellas County, located some 265 miles (425 km) from Miami, where the first locally transmitted U.S. cases were reported.

Florida Governor Rick Scott also said there were four new cases of Zika transmission in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, where officials have been aggressively spraying for the mosquitoes that carry the virus for weeks.

The state department of health has begun door-to-door outreach in Pinellas County, testing individuals to find other cases, Scott said in a statement. He added that mosquito abatement and reduction activities are also taking place.

Pinellas County is home to St. Petersburg, a popular tourist destination.”




4 responses to “Zika discovered in Pinellas county Fl. , 265 Mi. from Miami

  1. Jay – way too much evidence this scare is more psyops –
    The comments section in next link has all kinds of refutations of this big time scare.

  2. Just now got to watch video. “history shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men” Yeah, that about says it all.


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