Custom woodcraft



Crappiest pictures in the world but they are all I have

This is a Bishop’s crozier that I made for my brother for his consecration

He wanted to make one for him with the head cut out of two by six

I kind of surprised him

The crook portion is a 32 layer oak laminate

All of the accoutrements are silver (That is a spinner ring where it breaks down)

And it has a little gemstone inset into it

He originally wanted to borrow this, which is my wife’s European style walking staff made from dragonwood and 150 Yr. old cherry

staff 1

But every man of position ( Or the trades) needs to have his own symbol of office

Once he started pricing them he quickly gave me a call

Look below and see what a complete piece of crap Crosier cost if you have to buy it

One drop and the crook on that thing is done for

It is actually one project that I really did not enjoy

I had too much riding on it, was on a super short deadline and was really stressed about not screwing it up

Usually If I screw something up that I am carving I just chuck it into the woods

I did not have that option here

But, he was as happy as could be with it so in the end it was worth the time and a couple of gashes

This is the good bishop at his deaf mission in Cameroon

You will notice he does not have his sporty staff

Yeah, I should have made it break into 3 sections

It doesn’t fit in the overhead luggage bin




More photos here if you are interested:

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