I’m in-Special ops Electric bike with IR black out


“Developed by Zero on a defense contract for US Special Operations Forces, this blacked-out, high-tech assassin gives operators fast movement across rugged terrain in near silence and with minimal heat signature. Built on Zero’s MX dirt bike platform, the MMX was purpose built to military specs, including a specialized dash with toggle switches for all controls, keyless start, modular, removable power packs, total blackout mode, and can operate submerged in up to a meter of water.



Besides being silent, the electric motor delivers almost 100% of its torque on demand, 68 ft/lbs to be exact, along with 54 hp, and uses regenerative braking and rolloff to recover power. The best part? While developing the MMX, Zero made a number of design innovations that are being used in their new civilian models, like the off-road MX and its street-legal variant, the FX. While the model name “Ninja” was taken by Kawasaki long ago, I can’t imagine a machine more deserving of the nomenclature than this stealthy machine.


special forces motorcycles

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