To serve: Cop beats and pistol whips man who stole his daughters credit card


ST. LOUIS • Thomas A. Carroll, a former city police detective who admitted beating a handcuffed suspect, was sentenced Wednesday to 52 months in federal prison after a two-day hearing that detailed efforts by rookie assistant prosecutors to cover it up.

Carroll had been enraged because Michael Waller, 41, was caught with a credit card stolen from the officer’s daughter’s car a few days before her wedding. Waller denied breaking into the car.

Waller’s allegations, along with testimony from others, described at least two rogue police officers and prosecutors who repeatedly broke rules and lied about it.

In deciding the sentence, U.S. District Judge Henry Autrey explicitly rejected Carroll’s insistence that he never put his gun in Michael Waller’s mouth nor seriously hurt him. Both elements drove up the officer’s liability under federal sentencing guidelines. Carroll, 52, pleaded guilty in April to violating Waller’s civil rights.

Waller complained of chipped teeth, a bloodied lip, badly bruised ribs and possibly a concussion in the beating July 22, 2014, in an interview room at the Central Patrol station.

He said that when he complained after Carroll left, a police lieutenant gave him a black eye. The accused supervisor has not been charged or disciplined because Waller could not pick his picture from a lineup.

Officers refused to allow Waller to go to the hospital or get a lawyer, he said, and threatened to plant a gun and drugs on him, or kill him, if he told anyone what happened

Yeah, I understand wanting to bust the face of a guy that fucked your daughter just before her wedding

I would do it myself

But than again, I am not a cop and purport to uphold the law

I do purport to uphold a righteous cause, but that is very often quite different than the law

Take the cover up by prosecutors into account and I would say the  scumbag is getting his just desserts

Makes you wonder how much other shit this guy pulled in his career


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