Another skewed poll shows Hillary ahead by 11%

“The survey findings presented in this release are based on the results of interviews
conducted July 29 – August 1, 2016. The interviews
were conducted at the Center for Opinion
Research at Franklin & Marshall College on behalf
of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs.
The poll was designed and administered by the st
aff of the Center for Opinion Research. The
data included in this
release represent the re
sponses of 661 Pennsylvania registered voters,
including 321 Democrats, 257 Republicans, and 83
Now we all know that this could not be purposeful
Independents , at least as of 2015 and the number has since increased, made up 39% of the electorate and Trump is currently leading among them
But in this poll they make up only about 15% of those surveyed

In another poll by Fox news here:

Independents again are under represented

Even though the poll states that it is a random sampling, Independents make up only 18% of those surveyed



One response to “Another skewed poll shows Hillary ahead by 11%

  1. rightwingterrorist

    Not that I think we can simply vote ourselves, bloodlessly, out of this mess, but those polls are just as worthless as any numbers coming out of the .gov.

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