For my LEO friends: To know me is to love me

This is from the comment section on an article about police shooting

One commenter said that the whole problem was the fact that they were hiring military vets

My response to him is below

“I disagree with you wholeheartedly on not hiring military veterans. Do you know how high the standard is for them to be able to shoot at a Talibani?   Way higher than the standard for a cop to shoot a US citizen. A lot of the problem is that these cops are frightened pussies and they shoot people out of fear. There is no place for a coward with a gun. The training they receive is also at fault.That is where they encounter the “Us versus them” mentality. All they hear is that every encounter could be deadly and all that matters is that they ” Go home safe at night”. Forget protecting and serving, just make sure that YOU are safe.   I would much rather encounter a Vet with balls who has been trained militarily to hold his fire unless fired upon than some cowardly little Roid nanny who wets himself every time he faces a man without 3 other cops backing him up.”


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