Slow cooked pork picnic


How about some heavenly slow cooked pork?

Fantastic as a roast, great for sandwiches and makes the best Cuban sandwich in the world

I roasted one on the 4th after I did all of my smoking

I was literally all day and evening on the ribs and chicken and decided to do the picnic in the oven

Here it is below:

One fresh pork picnic (Uncured) 10 to 11 Lbs., skin on


Garlic powder

Worcestershire sauce

Baking pan larger than the picnic

Grate to put in baking pan that will elevate the meat about 2″

To prepare the meat take a slender paring or boning knife and insert it into the meat most of the way

Twist the knife until there is an opening and pour the Worcester sauce into the cavity

Do this in about 12 places on the part with no skin

When done sprinkle heavily with garlic powder and salt

Place the rack in the baking pan and put the picnic on it skin side up to protect the meat

Place the pan in the center of a pre-heated 200 degree oven along with a pan of water placed in the bottom of the oven

Go to bed

Cook picnic for 16 hours before checking temperature

At 16 to 16 1/2 hours your Temp. should be reading around 170 Deg.

Because of the large bone in the center I give it an additional 1.5 hr. at 325

After 1,5 Hr  your final temp. shoul be be 185 to 190 Deg.

Remove from oven and allow to rest for 10 Min. or so

The skin will be tough and crusty but separates easily from the meat for carving



If you want to make a Cuban, go to the deli and get black forest ham sliced 1/4″ thick, Cuban bread, provolone cheese and dill pickle slices

Pork goes on first at about 3/4″ thick

Then the ham and cheese on top

Pickle slices gets put on about 1″” apart

Sandwich is topped with two lines of yellow mustard running the length

Heat two frying pans to press the sandwich

Place the sandwich in a pre-heated frying pan and cover with a sheet of foil

Take the second frying pan and using hot pads press the sandwich with the bottom of the pan

Once it is pressed leave the pan on top to finish cooking

It is done when the bread is grilled but not crunchy and the cheese is melted

4 responses to “Slow cooked pork picnic

  1. Interesting – everyone does it different. Here we take the skin off, put rub on and leave it refrigerate for about two-three days and then into the smoker (indirect) for about five hours. Finish covered in an oven at about 250′. Pull when cooling or leave until ‘stable’ and slice. Here in NM, they sell this stuff cheap as it is use for tamales but I have used/processed it as ‘bacon’ and other Italian type meats and sausages. Good article.
    And as a bonus, given all the ‘bad and political news’ this is a welcome relief ……………gotta’ keep eating ………… sadly I could live on this type of stuff although my SO isn’t so enthusiastic about it ….makes no difference to me ……..

  2. rightwingterrorist

    Looks like a delicious way to keep the muslims away.

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