21 police injured in St. Paul

I was listening to the news this morning and they had the St. Paul police chief on

He was discussing the protests and the 21 injured cops

He expressed his disgust and dismay that they would do this to these “Public servants”

Well here is a tip: If you acted like public servants instead of domestic warriors maybe people wouldn’t be throwing shit at you

And this is just the tip of the iceberg

There is a virtual tidal wave of anti police sentiment getting ready to sweep over them

Day after day

Day in and day out

People are exposed to their lies, corruption and abuse

We now live in the digital age and not a day goes by that a video of a cop beating, killing or abusing someone isn’t posted online

A few bad apples right?

Yeah, that line only goes so far

My other website is an anti police abuse page and every day I pass up 10 bad cop stories just to post one

There are so many abuse videos out there yet the cops seem surprised and shocked that people hate them

How many times do you see innocent people get killed before you have your stomach full?

I know that I have more than my fill and these bastards don’t get one ounce of sympathy from me

Happy Monday all


6 responses to “21 police injured in St. Paul

  1. Jay. A link to your other site please.

  2. Agreed, there are indeed some ‘roid rage’ officers out there.

    However, don’t believe this is the case here. Appears we have another ‘giant thug’ versus the ‘gentle giant’ or ‘michael brown 2.0’:


  3. well spoken, only about 1 out of 10 cops I’ve interacted with have been decent people, the rest were bully type people, I even had a nephew who was a nice guy until he became a cop, then was a totally changed person, I don’t even associate with him any longer, well spoken, brave words.

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