Dallas police shooting: Prelude to chaos

Nifty title ,huh?

I know ,I thought so. But seriously there are some heavy implications here

I am not going to comment on motive or anything else until we find out where Omar was last night about 10:00P.M.

The attack sound a little much for the Bowel movement matters crowd

But to be on point; Because of one shooting the Dallas P.D. was overwhelmed

This is how things like this get started

Every revolution needs a vehicle and that vehicle is chaos

It doesn’t matter who’s side anyone is on once the ball gets rolling

Imagine, if in the middle of the Dallas standoff, they had other participants who started knocking out power stations

And lighting fires

A small dedicated group of people could paralyze the city and plunge it into darkness and chaos

That is what happened in the Russian revolution

Chaos broke out in so many places at once that no organized resistance was possible

While the police were out responding to rioting their Police stations and homes were being burned down

There is a fine line between chaos and civilization and it is not the thin blue line

The thin blue line crumples at the very first blip of societal breakdown

Think New Orleans and you have the answer

It is the citizens themselves

Whether our side or their side, with relative ease that line can be completely broken

And right now the string is being tugged at

This is not the end of unrest and violence; this is only the beginning

Our country has become more politically polarized than at any time since the civil war

Our countrymen are no longer political adversaries; They are our enemies

And that goes for all sides involved

Me thinks that no matter who is responsible here, whether Isis, the far left or the far right

That this is a precedent and is only the beginning of more to come

Just remember history on this if it starts to happen

Think about how to react and how to survive

Take some lessons from history and survivors

And be ready if it comes




2 responses to “Dallas police shooting: Prelude to chaos

  1. I believe I am of the same mind here.

    Start watching for the things going on they aren’t telling you about.
    They never let a good crisis go to waste.

    • You know, groups are easy to control. But if they get like minded people working independently they could shut that city down. I know that these bowel movement assholes are also half assed revolutionaries. If they have half the brains of a real commie they could really start some shit

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