Rubbing your face in it


They don’t care what the optics are, they want you to know

They are Kings and they are not subject to the law

The law emanates from them, not applies to them

Why the meeting with Lynch and Bilbo with all eyes to see?

Because they wanted you to see

Why the leak to the NYT stating that Hillary was thinking about retaining Lynch in her administration?

Because they wanted you to know that they don’t care how it appears

Why would Obama and Hillary have such bad timing with their rally in NC, stepping off the plane just as Comey announced no charges?

Because it’s in your face

They are untouchable and they want you to know that

Nothing can be done to stop them and they don’t care what anyone thinks

2 responses to “Rubbing your face in it

  1. All points well made.
    We got’s ta power! (and you don’t)
    BEHOLD your master/s!


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