You WILL elect who the two party system chooses

The two party system that we have has become antiquated and corrupt

The system has been rigged so only those from the the Democrat or Republican party may be elected

It has been set up in such a manner that only the elites in the party have a voice in who will be a candidate

We the people, the ones who actually make the country run, have no voice at all; we are forced to accept voting for the candidate of their choice

Take Hillary Clinton for example the most onerous candidate ever foisted upon us

Do you think the Republicans are going to do anything about FBI director Comey throwing the investigation?

Even when Hillary perjured herself by signing an affidavit saying that all e-mails had been turned over?

Hell no. They will bloviate some loud noises initially and then go about their business

Why? Because Hillary is one of them; One of the two party system

They would rather have her elected than someone like Trump who is an outsider and doesn’t want to play ball

They hate Trump

Trump is the voice of the people who are fed up with the RINOS who have sold our country down the river

Trump is a conglomerate of working class Never do wells who think that their interests are more important than the ruling elites

Foolish unwashed peasants who are barely qualified to kneel before them and wash their feet

Of course they want Hillary, this system has been in place now for well over a hundred years and it has created a series of rulers and co-rulers

When one party is not ruling, they are content to co-rule

They know that their turn is coming next

That is why they never make it too hard on each other

But now here comes the catch;

People are really and truly fed up with their crap

Enough, up to here

Thus the ascendancy of Trump

The less politically correct he is, the more people like him

But does anyone actually think that they will allow him to win?

I don’t and I think that now is the time to start planning a contingency

Are you still willing to accept the choice of the two parties?

Well, I certainly am not

The good Mrs. Clinton along with her much stated hatred of the second amendment is more than I can bear

If it comes to that, I’m out

But what to do? Gather the masses in the capitol and weep and gnash our teeth?

No, let us consider a more practical solution that doesn’t require driving a thousand miles

A general strike, or rather a series of general strikes

Shut everything down

No work, no pay, no taxes

It starts the day after the election when people are still really pissed

Stay home, have a big Eff off party and stew about the possibilities

Make life hard for those who want to keep the wheels turning

It has to be a big , big show to make it work

Labor strikes have been used successfully time after time after time to initiate change

After the first initial shut down

A slightly longer and better planned one needs to be orchestrated using the lessons learned from the first

From that point we need a series of escalations until the production of the country is shut down

Drive slows , go slows, highway stoppages or whatever else develops

It needs to be made apparent that the system’s choice, an enemy of liberty, will not be tolerated

If it comes down to it, we have a shot to stop it, but only if we try it

I am sick of hearing people whine and complain that they can’t do anything

It isn’t that you can’t do it, it’s that you won’t do it

So the day after the election, do something




14 responses to “You WILL elect who the two party system chooses

  1. “But does anyone actually think that they will allow him to win?”
    Do you think “they” will let her win?
    I don’t.
    I believe we are just a couple of months away from an devistating attack on this country that will “require” Hussein Obama to declare martial law and oh by the way – I’ll stay in office until all is well.
    Which would be never.
    To your excellent idea – do you know why that would work?
    Because the people pissed off in this country are the worker bees and business owners – the producers/makers/shakers. You wouldn’t even need the 50% who would not participate because most of them don’t do anything but sit on their butts anyway!

    • My thoughts exactly on a couple of counts.Attack….Yes. My wife is firmly convinced he has no plans to leave..ever. The lazy factor is the other. Get to participate….And do nothing!! Let’s take it up a notch and make it an actual party…. A big get drunk, stay home up yours party. F.U. it’s a hate party

  2. OK, your wife and I being on the same page – she has probably said this to you.
    Lazy? Hell he has been doing that/nothing all along.
    Think about it. Why would he give up the throne, the amazing power, adoration, the money, travel, prestige, have it all paid for by the peons and he can continue to do nothing – except destroy this country he hates so badly and which he so loves doing.

  3. Unlike the previous commenters, it seems to me not to be a matter of whether or not they will “allow him to win”, as that is not the real purpose of Trump’s “campaign”. Trump (I believe) got the green light to run his campaign so as to draw support away from the competition to Hillary’s campaign. Take note of the fact that the media, from day one, never really paid serious attention to the others who were running for presidency (Kasich, Cruz, Santorum, Huckabee, Jindal, etc., etc.) , but were focused from the start on Hillary. The others were “also rans” from the beginning and one could easily tell that Hillary was the choice not only of the media, but of the Oligarchs who truly run the country from behind the curtain.
    But then along comes Trump and the media gives him free air time whilst the other candidates have to scrounge for donor money to buy it. Any time Trump decided to call a press conference in Trump Towers, they were there. The Media paid rapt attention to every word coming out of Trump’s mouth.
    Now that the competition for the throne has vanished we are left with Hillary and The Donald. Did you know that Donald had invited Hillary and Bill to attend his most recent wedding? Did you know that Donald actually PAID for the airline ticket so Hillary could attend? Or that Donald had contributed to the Clinton Foundation? These people are friends, not rivals.They think alike and are members of the same lofty social strata. When election day rolls around, the majority of votes will go to Hillary. That is, the electoral college votes- the ones “that matter”, and Trump will go back to firing people on his show. The following weekend The Donald and Bill will probably play a round of golf together and have a few candid laughs about the whole setup.
    The Republic is dead, folks.

  4. Thomas J Crowley

    May be time to clean up our 30/30’s

  5. You said;
    ” My wife is firmly convinced he has no plans to leave..ever. ”
    The problem with that is that Obama did not pay for his own coronation- the Oligarchs did (George Soros, And so he owes those people, whom he knows full well could destroy him in a moment just as they did J.F.K.. Unless an Obama Kingship for life is part of THEIR plan, then he had better not upset the apple cart. Hillary wants her turn at the helm, and for whatever reason, it appears that TPTB want her there also.

    • I am with you on the “Turn” thing. My wife thinks the same but she also thinks the boy King has gotten too big for his britches.

    • George – “And so he owes those people, whom he knows full well could destroy him in a moment just as they did J.F.K.”
      Agree but I think Hillary is just all for show. Right now they MUST keep us little people thinking there will be an election. Pulling the rug out at the last minute and King Hussein staying in office I still believe is their plan.
      Couple of reasons –
      Her health.
      Her needs are not totally in line with theirs. They both hate and want to destroy this country but she is a “me” first and between her and Mr. Bill I believe they think of themselves as able to handle the likes of Soros etc.

  6. Jay;
    “she also thinks the boy king has gotten too big for his britches”
    Yes, as he gained more time in office and realized there will be no real opposition to him, he became more arrogant. But, he also knows (as do his handlers) that he is not “kingship” material. He will not be equal to handling the civil unrest that would probably follow if he nullifies the 22nd amendment. Here he is stuttering without a functioning teleprompter : (it’s priceless, btw)

    Additionally, his deal with Iran was not to the overlord’s liking. Hilligula will not be such a disappointment to them in that regard, and she has openly stated that she also wants war with Russia, even comparing Putin to Hitler.
    The globalists want the whole globe (including Russia) and Hillary will give it to them or have us all die trying to make that happen.

  7. I don’t know if anyone is still checking this blog entry, but I have located some interesting facts and it seems that Lady Raven might very well turn out to be correct. Read the link below at Oath Keepers; it looks like the BLM movement is coordinating with Attorney General Lynch in planning to force a Martial Law scenario in the near future:
    It seems that we are all in for a very dicey future if this turns out to be real.

    • Yes, every comment you make pops up in my window. I will check it out Monday

    • DeRay is one nasty, nasty guy. True or not – we are in for a very difficult time the closer it gets to the conventions and beyond…
      Drudge headline as of an hour ago – “Cops targeted across America”

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