Open carry March

“INVERNESS, FL (WFLA) – More than 300 people marched through the streets of Inverness in Citrus County to show their support for the Second Amendment on the morning of Fourth of July.

Many carried American flags on this Independence Day, and all marchers carried loaded guns.

“I believe in the American right to be able to bear arms and not have anybody try to take them away,” said participant Terry Stimpfling.beararms

Terry Hallinan owns Florida Gun Supply. This is the second year he has organized the event.

After the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the gun debate is more heated than ever.

“We’re demonstrating to the rest of America — to anyone listening — that the law-abiding citizens no longer are going to sit idly by and watch the country go to hell,” Hallinan said.

He tells 8 On Your Side that he was dismayed by the recent actions of democratic lawmakers who staged a sit-in on the House floor as a way to pressure republicans to hold votes on gun-control measures.”

Hundreds march in Inverness in support of Second Amendment

Inverness borders the town that I live in

300 doesn’t sound like much, but this is a very small county that I live in

The Sheriff’s Dept. was on the radio leading up to the event and they were not happy

They said that they would not intervene but they made it quite obvious that they were in total disagreement with it

As far as I know only one person got harassed by cops

A car stopped on the roadside that was loaded down with bottled water to pass out and an asshole trooper gave him a $160.00 ticket

Other than that Florida’s finest heroes decided to stay hands off

The march doesn’t sound like much but it is making waves here in small town America

Yes, the peasants are starting to turn out with pitch forks



2 responses to “Open carry March

  1. Encouraging.

    • There is a whole lot going on. Some of us (Myself included) have a tendency to be impatient. We have Tenn.and other states refusing the ATF jurisdiction if guns made in their state never crossed state lines. Colorado, California and others giving the fed the finger and legalizing Marijuana. All of the states that refuse to comply with the real ID act. All of the states who refused to expand medicare and open exchanges for Obamacare. 50,000 “Assault weapons” registrations burned on the lawn of the New York state capitol. Up to 150,000 people in Conn. who refuse to comply with registration. And there is a lot more than those. Never forget that 12 Yrs. passed between the Boston massacre and the revolution and the B.M. was just one of a series of atrocities. And don’t forget Samuel Adams, rabble rouser extraordinaire whose efforts were damn near solely responsible for the revolution. That is why I will not be silent, even when I feel like nothing is being accomplished. We have lost a lot of voices in the movement who have grown tired of indifference and inaction. But their voices matter even if just to inspire others to speak. BTW, I hope you had a good holiday 🙂

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