Welcome to the banana republic


“Just as speculation is peaking about whether ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will face any charges for running a private email system that allegedly exposed classified national secrets to hackers, the legal eagle responsible for making the decision, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, has met with her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

KNXV-TV in Phoenix cited sources at the city’s Sky Harbor International Airport who said Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton aboard a parked private plane.

The station said Bill Clinton was in the Phoenix area on a visit and arrived at the airport Monday evening.

The ‘Stop Hillary’ campaign is on fire! Join the surging response to this theme: ‘Clinton for prosecution, not president’

Clinton was notified Lynch would be arriving at the airport soon and waited for her arrival, the station said.

Lynch later confirmed the meeting to the television station.

The FBI is investigating the private email setup, which bypassed the State Department’s security system. The emails remain the subject of multiple investigations and lawsuits, with Hillary Clinton’s aides already giving depositions in one legal challenge.

What do YOU think? Why is Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton in secret? Sound off in today’s WND poll

That case, by Judicial Watch, could require Hillary Clinton to testify.

The Phoenix station said Lynch reported the meeting “was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social about our travels and he mentioned golf he played in Phoenix.”


Is there any question left as to whether or not this Govt. has any legitimacy?

Is there any way to state that the justice Dept. or any other branch still holds any moral authority?

We are no longer a nation of law

We are now a nation of leaders

And the Led

And the law does not apply to those in positions of power

Especially not to those that have been promised the throne

Ask your self a few simple questions

  1. Do you think this upcoming election is anything more than a staged farce?
  2. Do you still think that you can vote your way out of this?
  3. Will you accept the coronation of the predestined candidate that is placed upon the throne?
  4. If your answer to #3 is no then what do you plan to do about it?
  5. Did you know that when you start numbering in wordpress you can’t stop?
  6. Even though you want to and your list was supposed to end at #4?
  7. Well I guess that’s it for this one. Point is if this all goes awry, then play time needs to be over. Everyone needs to start taking a serious look at secondary options. I for one will not accept a lying, leftist ,P.OS. criminal as president
  8. Not again
  9. (Damn you numbers)

8 responses to “Welcome to the banana republic

  1. Since I am no longer doing posts – I’m not positive but pretty sure it works like this.
    When you click the button in WP to do numbering – at the point you are done with the list, you have to go back up the the numbering key and click it once to turn it off.

  2. chuckle. I couldn’t figure that one out.

    I already opted out. Just say no.
    Do it yourself or do without.
    We do get a little help from friends and family.

  3. What would you bet that some bank account info changed hands?

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