A rare Saturday post just to bitch

I just had a word with the accountant who does our businesses taxes

She said that because I didn’t attach monthly forms from my insurance company proving that I was insured that the IRS was going to reject my tax form

Reject it?

Fuck you, you assholes, I didn’t want to file it anyway

I am up to here and over the limit with the bullshit from this fucking Govt.

How much I can flush, how many watts I can burn, how much insurance I have to keep

I have been pushed and pushed and now frankly I am at the end of the line

They can go fuck themselves if they think that I am going to willingly submit one more thing to them

All I need to see is a bunch of fucking suits show up at my doorstep

If they fucking want anything else from me they can come and fucking take it

Molon Labe



6 responses to “A rare Saturday post just to bitch

  1. I have about six hours of this lovely saturday to work on the same crap. Some tomorrow I’m sure.
    My best reward? Tonight I will grill some beer soaked sausages and grill some fresh corn, have some awesome creamy ice cream purchased this morning at our local university farmers market and I WILL forget them at least for the night!

  2. That is the only thing that will work. The founders set the example.
    Just say no!

    • Better have some smart and committed people in your corner when you do otherwise the Leviathan will roll right over you…Remember Lavoy…

      • Indeed, and there will have to be many more Lavoys before people get pissed enough, but that is what it will take.
        I’ve got grand-kids, and enough is enough.
        Just say no!

        Remember Lavoy!!!!

  3. Read “Cracking the code” . . . can be found at the website of the same name, SALUTE!

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