Crappy owl pictures

My wife is having a really hard time getting pics

It is actually way darker than it looks in the photos and the auto focus is having a hell of a time finding the right target

The middle pic is probably the best. That is Missus Arty

If you notice she is the gray Morph of the screech owl where Arty is red. The young ones are gray also

I say “Ones” because a new juvenile appeared

He is still fuzzy and a little smaller than the adults

I now have a family of four

Tonight I am bringing frozen mice home for the little guy

They left him in the yard last night when they went out hunting

Screeches do that when they are old enough to be out of the nest

They kick them out and then drop food off to them here and there

Other than that they are on their own

I think that is why Arty brought him back here

He knows there are frozen mice coming out of the wood work

Next appearance we will try for some better pice



2 responses to “Crappy owl pictures

  1. Very cool. Nice spot. Do you have enough room for a range?

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