You talking to me?

artyThis was Arty shortly before his release

To the novice he probably looks angry, but he is actually chilling

Owls have a remarkable way of communicating displeasure

Like the first time he said “No more petting the F@cking owl!”

Or “No more picking the F@cking owl up!”

Or “Leave the F@cking owl alone!”

Yes, when he does not want you to do something he makes it absolutely clear

Body posture, stance, a slight wing lift, a certain look in the eye

You can tell he is about to pounce on your head

Just back slowly away…



2 responses to “You talking to me?

  1. Just awesome – and I loved the video!

    • I am going to get some of the trio. Don’t know if you read it, but Arty came back with his family. He has a mate and an offspring and they are living in the back yard shrubs. It looks like they are going to move into the aviary.

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