Trump hands Mika her ass

I have to surf in the morning to try to land on some news and often end up with the idiots on morning Joe

Fox usually has some support our troops or some celebrity crap on

Fox business is a lot better, but they are loaded down with commercials

So on many mornings I end up torturing myself with MSNBC as countless tens of other people across the country do

This morning they had Trump on via telephone with Mika  Brezezinski , Scarboroughs sycophant sidekick

Everything out of her mouth was a potential gotcha moment that never happened

In one of the best exchanges she tells Trump that people fear that he is trigger happy and will start a war


Almost… Trump ” I didn’t vote for the Iraq war”

It hardly even phases her

She tells him that one of the best examples of what people fear about him being trigger happy is the tweet he just put out concerning the Egyptian air crash

Trumps tweet” “Looks like yet another terrorist attack. Airplane departed from Paris. When will we get tough, smart and vigilant? Great hate and sickness!”

Mika goes on to tell him how his hate is going to destroy the country and of course Trump turns it into a case of who the real haters are

Next up she tries to show what an amateur Trump is by quoting what Robert Gates said about him ripping his tweet

Trump of course totally dismisses both the statement and Gates

Mika is aghast, but now she finally has her gotcha moment

“But Robert Gates is one of the most stunning and brilliant minds today in foreign policy”


Almost……..” So you think everything is good in the world right now? Is that what you are saying?”

It was a precious moment

I savored it like my fresh hot coffee

I can’t wait until he turns both barrels on the Clintons

I would pay good money to be ringside



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