I have been slammed busy and have not had a chance to process the video from last night

But if you check these guys out above, that is what they were doing

I called my wife to over look out the window and all three were on top of the garden trellis

Arty is red but both his mate and offspring are gray

The two of them had it all going on with the dance

Arty later flew over to the aviary (which is 10′ X 20′) and sat on the open door

He stayed there until the other two flew over and landed on top

I think he is looking for his old digs back

Either way, my wife was ecstatic that he not only survived on his own but was able to breed



2 responses to “

  1. rightwingterrorist

    Is that cool or what?

    • It is. They are top of the line cute. I will have some real pics. When my wife was shooting, the camera kept focusing on the window and it blurred the pics

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