The return of Artimus P. Razortoes

Almost a year to the day since Arty went back to the wild and he has returned

We were pretty sure (95%) that he was hanging out in the hood

We would go out for a walk after midnight and we would hear gentle coos

from the large oak tree across the street

But we never spotted him

Last night was different

Jackson was out back barking and raising hell in the bushes when I saw something fly out

I stepped out and on top of the arch on my garden bed….

Holy crap! It’s Arty! He is just sitting there looking at me

Come to find out, it’s not just Arty

He brought his whole family back

He has a Mrs. and two young ‘uns with him and they are hanging out in the tree in the front yard

Welcome back Arty



11 responses to “The return of Artimus P. Razortoes

  1. Beautiful read to go with my morning coffee. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are welcome. It really made my wife’s day. We were pretty sure that he survived but now we know for sure. We had a year and many frozen mice invested in him

  2. Who Who? Cool. Hello to Arty and family. Nature is a wonderful thing 🙂

  3. Nice work. We want pictures

    • I am going to try tonight, glass keeps screwing the shots up. I have a screen out just for the purpose. here is the best part…. It is now 4. They are toting a new baby with them.

      • They have them at various times. When one is big enough they send it out. Here and there they drop food off to it. It would appear that Arty has dumped him off in our back yard. He knows there are plenty of frozen mice there. Last night it was only the baby. I have some crappy (Still) pictures I am going to post.

      • It’s just like migrants, take them in and you can’t get rid of them.

        I’ve seen three kinds here in Maine (owls not migrants) sawhet, barred, and one gigantic white(ish) one that flew right over my head without making a sound. That one made me jump.

      • I really liked them to begin with. After raising one I think they are the coolest killing machine going

      • I like them too, until they go after the chickens. I went out to investigate a ruckus one day, chickens scattered everywhere with no apparent reason. A barred owl had chased a hen into the coop and killed it. I hadn’t thought to look in there. Lost two hens to that one. I had to blow up an apple tree with the 12 gauge before it finally decided to hunt elsewhere. (just crab-apples)

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