Leaving the GOP

I have been on a number of sites recently that have large numbers of Cruz fans there.

One theme keeps running through the narrative; Now that Trump is in they are leaving the GOP. I understand their disdain for Donald but I do have something that I would like to ask them.

Why choose now to leave? Because the GOP was just a-Okay up until Trump?

So you were good when Bush senior passed new gun control legislation ,signed us up for globalization and “The new world order” then drove us into a recession that ended his career?

Or maybe it was great under Bush the Junior. He gave us medicare part D, no child left behind and after swearing that we would not be nation building, embroiled us in 2 decades long wars that cost thousands of American lives.

Under the Bush tenure we were also given DHS, TSA, warrantless wire taps and most favored nation status for China.

During the GWB administration the size of our national debt and federal government doubled. Yeah! Good times!

So now ,i f we flash forward to 2010 we can see how much better the party is by then. 2010 gave us the takeover of the congress by the TEA party; A majority that was squandered by the party leaders. It was not only squandered but TEA party members were actually penalized by the party regulars for trying to reign in Obama’s out of control administration. They were removed from, or denied places on committees and given no power positions whatsoever

This continued into 2012 when the majority in the senate was regained. Now fully controlling both houses, the Republicans led by Mitch “The turtle” McConnel  and the illustrious John “Yellow stain” Boehner, sold out their constituents and handed every single thing to the Obama administration that it wanted.

They funded Obamacare, They funded legislation for naturalizing illegals, they funded legislation that stopped deportation and did nothing at all to stop the tide of executive actions flooding out of the white house.

And then under Paul Ryan they sold out on the budget to the tune of 1.1 trillion dollars allowing the administration to fund whatever it wanted.

The Republicans during this time also gave us the super committee, the Corker bill and that most onerous legislation of all; The NDAA 2012 which has provisions for the indefinite military detention of American citizens

And now the Cruz voters are telling me ” That’s it, I’m leaving the party”


Now you think the party has gone to hell?



8 responses to “Leaving the GOP

  1. cuck cuck. I saw a lot of, “Trump will crash the economy!” too.
    I guess they haven’t noticed it’s current state.

  2. (Cue Up The Twilight Zone Theme)… Some people tend to throw tantrums and/or act like little children when they don’t get their way. I’ve never seen such madness in my lifetime and I’ve been around for quite a while. There are those out there with far more life experience (age) than myself. I’m guessing that my elders are absolutely beside themselves right about now. It’s has gone beyond stupid IMHO :\

  3. rightwingterrorist

    Not all that sure we can vote ourselves out of this mess to begin with.
    Delusions abound.

  4. Some “conservatives” want to use the power of government to legislate their morality, instead of keeping the government out of it or leaving it to local governments. Others tend to knock social welfare but support the military industrial complex (the same one that the NDAA bill empowers into a shadow junta). Not all conservatives are statists, but there are a lot of them.

    ¡Ted’s! main appeal is social conservatism; keeping the government involved in marriage and other social issues. Trump’s appeal is nationalism with some militarism, but neuttrality in many social areas. Trump resembles a Blue Dog Democrat in some ways (certainly better than Red Shark Democrats!) and a Paleoconservative in others.

    ¡Ted! has outed himself as a fairly standard politician while The Don says a lot of nice things but has few real plans. I will admit I wish Trump well – only to the extent that he appears to be a major irritant for the NWO – but I am not confident that the country can vote its way out of this mess.

    • rightwingterrorist

      That about sums it up pretty good.
      In a coherent world.
      Too much other bad shit going on as a nation for your synopsis to be much good.
      No matter how much I agree with it.
      Besides the voting part.

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