A lot of Ted Cruz fans are going to be crying in their Cheerios this morning

But for better or for worse the Trump train is rolling

I would call this a punitive action by the GOP voters for the betrayals of past elections

I think the Ryan budget was the final straw for many

If the GOP wants to survive as a party it had better take heed

Hey Reince how is that “You can just go sit down”  Thing working for you?


11 responses to “ousTED

  1. Ya know, Ted-O did not quit, did not give up his delegates – he just suspended running.
    Based on all the other screweyness that has gone on – will we be surprised should Donald not get EXACTLY the # of delegates required, or possibly the GOP change the requirements at the last moment and then here comes round two at “the” convention and ……………

    • I thought the timing was remarkable. Just in time for trump to claim the right number of delegates.I think that they have all made kissie face and cut a deal.

      • LadyRavenSDC

        Well he claimed all the delegates in the state but he has not hit the magic number yet – and again – even if he does the GOP can change that number the night before the vote. It’s nuts.
        Cut a deal? Absolutely would not surprise me.
        And then there’s Kasich – still in and still holding on to his delegates.
        Weird, weird, weird!

      • What can get weirder than the possibility of Trump as president? But than again, I would not be surprised if he dropped out and handed it to Hillary.

      • Kasich just dropped out

  2. OK. And what with his delegates?
    But Trump dropping to Hill? I just can’t see it. He is a different bird for sure but a real capitalist at heart and I do believe he sees the writing on the wall.
    The thing with the Dems is they don’t give a dam if the average American has to grovel for food and basic freedoms. Trump knows that without “the people” there is only surviving, definitely not thriving.

    • I tend to agree. I actually think Trump is for real, although possibly an “Accidental” candidate. I believe that Trump wants to come from the greatest, wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth. I also believe that he want to preserve his and his family’s wealth

      • LadyRavenSDC

        And I’m fine with that.

      • Yeah, For the moment I am over ideology and the litmus test and such. I will settle just for giving a crap about the country

      • LadyRavenSDC

        “just giving a crap about the country”
        About makes me want to cry. Or puke.
        What is it about POWER!!
        Jay, I am doing a lot of “studying” (if you will) on chemtrails.
        That POWER grabbing crap is horrifying.

      • Yes, it all speaks to power. A bunch of power hungry scumbags. I would lay down my life for the ideals of this nation. They concern themselves with power.

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