Cannon fail;Been there , done that

Yeah, I had a home built 4″ bore black powder cannon

Had a hammer and sear and used shotgun primers to fire

I normally used 1000 to 1200 Gr. of Pyrodex and a 1 Lb. projectile

So I got uppity one afternoon and dropped 2000 Gr. in it and about 4 to 5 Lb. of lead shot that I had sitting around oxidizing in a big cup

What prompted this was the refrigerator that had taken a dump on me and was now squarely in my sights. Pay you bastard , you will

The wife popped out of the door  when she saw me hiding behind the Mustang in the driveway and inquired as to what the hell I was doing

When i told her that I had questions about whether the cannon would hold, I was summarily informed that the car would be moved from the driveway

I got as far away as I could when I pulled the string that dropped the hammer

The cannon was about 30″ long and it was mounted on an angle iron frame

It was attached with a massive hinge for attitude and so it would unfold when fired and not tear itself apart

When I did fire it the cannon unfolded and went airborne tumbling end over end

With the base unfolded the whole thing was about 6′ long and I very narrowly escaped having my head taken off

The refrigerator got a hole through it the size of a basketball and was blasted about 20′ back

Luckily the car was not in the driveway as it probably would have been totalled

Needless to say I got a big I”I told you so, not behind my car” From my wife

6 responses to “Cannon fail;Been there , done that

  1. How many tries did it take to make a light buld! HA HA

  2. Always report to the director of the firing range before using the facility. I understand that only one appliance was harmed in the production of this video, and that all the beer had been removed. Personally, would not try this at home.

  3. We had one made of stainless steel that shot golf balls. First measured powder but the last go around just dumped some black and smokeless in and lit the fuse. Never found the golf ball …………. oh, the cannon held together but did a double back flip, blew off the wheels and broke the carriage. Did I mention we were sober and adults (kind of) over 55 years old. Goes to show you never out grow stupid …………….

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