This is my life….

When I concentrate my brain power on things I can actually do pretty amazing stuff

I used to do experiments in pure thought when I was younger and found out that a mind concentrated on one single thing for days and even weeks could produce pretty astounding results

But that is not my normal life

In my normal life I am constantly driven to distraction and can forget in a single instant what it was that I was doing

I have the attention span of a gnat

I normally lose my coffee at least 3 times per morning

I travel with it in my hand and as I think about doing something ,my hand sets the coffee down without my being aware of it

I have become quite adept at hunting steam trailing into the morning air

This morning was a great example

Every morning after I pop a vitamin, I take out a muscle relaxer and cut it in half

I take half in the morning (Due to spinal injury) and half at lunch because the whole pill usually kicks my ass

I was feeling unusually tired and as I took a pill out I thought to myself that I would wait until the spasms started before taking it

So I decided not to cut it in half

Then suddenly SQUIRREL!

I noticed the wine bottle on the counter top was away from it’s designated spot

So I pushed the bottle up against the wall where it should be

And then threw the whole pill in my mouth and washed it down

Yep, So now I am half ass dizzy, tired and just wishing I wasn’t at work

At least I didn’t take one of the wife’s blood pressure pills like I did the last time…..



2 responses to “This is my life….

  1. rightwingterrorist

    A bit ago I got into that bottle of wine.
    Woke up for work at 4am, a bit fuzzy, not too bad but thought I would take a couple of aspirin.
    Popped them into my mouth, washed them down, then noticed when I was screwing the top back on I had taken a couple of Benadryl.
    Work was not much fun.

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