Travertine; It’s what’s on sale


This is the wall in my living room

When we moved in in 2004 it was 2cnd project on my list

It is a converted Florida room and the stained glass is hanging in what used to be a pass through (Outdoor) window

What spurred the project was the Travertine

I walked into home depot and they had it on clearance

The stone is 16″X16″ and is normally $12.00 a Sq. Ft.

There are 4 per box and they were on sale for $8.00 a box

I grabbed every box they had for a total of $108.00

Wow! What a bargain! $108.00 to have a wall like that right next to you every night

There were a few problems though

The stucco job on the wall was horrendous and the wall bulged out an 1 1/2″ under the pass through window

I had to frame out a 2″ X 4″ wall and hang concrete board

That cost more than the stone

See the door frame?

The wall trim is #1 clear pine on both sides of the doorway

That cost more than the stone

See the crown molding?

That is on both sides

#1 clear pine

Then there are the 14″ upright panels

Do I need to say it?

Yeah, you know where it is going

My bargain turned out not to be such of one

Because of work and what not, it dragged out into a 2 Yr. project that wasn’t cheap at all

But hey at least I got a bargain on the Travertine and a hell of a nice wall out of it



2 responses to “Travertine; It’s what’s on sale

  1. rightwingterrorist

    Wow, looks real nice.
    Sort of reminds me (as far as cost and time) of when I decided to re-work one of my daughters rooms. Hand cut with an Alaskan sawmill sweetgum, cedar, pine, and cherry into 1/4″ slabs for wainscoting, plus other various sizes for crown, chair-rail, and floorboards. Ripped the walls out, re-wired, re-insulated and drywalled. Scraped that nasty popcorn ceiling off and installed new carpeting, plus one can’t forget the purple and pink paint…
    I thought the most time consuming part was going to be cutting the wood and drying it (even then it still shrunk a bit after installation)….
    Three months later and a whole shit ton of money, her room looks like your in Barney’s (from the kids show) stomach.
    With real nice wood work.

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