Ukraine: It’s not just another war! — Euromaidan Press

The Donbas war marks a turning point in Russian and modern European history. In a recent post, a long-standing friend of Ukraine, Arkadiy Babchenko, made a final diagnosis of Russian society, pointing out that even some members of Russia’s liberal intelligentsia do not understand what the invasion of the Donbas means for their country. “Quite…

via Ukraine: It’s not just another war! — Euromaidan Press

2 responses to “Ukraine: It’s not just another war! — Euromaidan Press

  1. It was Victoria Nuland who admitted to spending $5 billion to help over throw the legally elected govt of the Ukraine, not Putin. Stepan Bandera, the George Washington of the Maidan movement was a Nazi who took gleefully took part in the Holocaust ( 6,000 jews massacred in Livov in 41. 100k Poles massacred by his partisans). Poroshenko proudly proclaims he is a ‘Banderite’ as does the entire Maidan movement. The new speaker of the house in Kiev is a card carrying Nazi, having founded a ‘National Socialist party’. The Azov militia was banned by a near 100% vote by our congress from receiving any funds for admitting they are a pack of Nazi’s. Maybe Putin is a jerk but I’ll take him over a pack of Nazi’s anytime. You must be completely insane to try to goad us in ww3 and take the side of the Nazi’s this time.
    Long live Motorola, Givi and Novorussia!!!!!!

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    • I don’t have a side. I as most Americans are uninformed. That is why I re-posted that. My brother who is a Bishop has some interests in Ukraine and lived there for many years ,so I am pro Ukraine


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