Hillary Clinton: ‘We Have Just Too Many Guns’


I set forth here my claim as a human being, to the right to avail for
my freedom. Given innately in all men is the desire to live free without
the bonds of tyranny, injustice or oppression. Along with this desire ,
granted by the gods of whichever choosing, is the absolute,
unassailable right to select the course upon which one’s own destiny
shall set forth. I do not claim the right to freedom or justice or
equality; Rather I claim only the right to fight for these things, the
power granted me by my birth, to throw off the chains of oppression, to
balance the scales of justice, to break the bonds of tyranny which
stifle men’s souls, or to die in the effort.     I can live bound and
chained under the jackboot of authority, or I can die and die a free
man; An honorable death, handed down to me by my ancestors, who have
long bled their life’s blood into the fertile fields of battle, slain,
but not oppressed, at the sword point of tyranny. So I say, as said my
fore bearers, that you may lay claim against my battered , broken body, my
shattered sword, my spilt blood still warm, but never , ever my freedom
or my soul. And if my body or my blood you desire then to your hand I
shall deliver it, but the price that you will pay, so help me God, shall
be bitter and dear.

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