2016 off to a better start

Here is hoping anyway

2015 was a bad , bad year

In addition to a slew of death and personal tragedy, financially it was the worst since the bust

Our business revenues were only slightly higher than in ’09

The only difference being that all of our savings have gone back into the business to keep it floating for 6 Yrs. and now the till is empty

By Christmas we had gone so broke that after traveling up to see Shay and gassing the car up we had no Christmas gifts for the grand kids

(The little one tells me “It’s okay Papa we don’t need presents, just so you are here”)

But now things are starting to swing

Suddenly we are back to 20o7 levels

Man, I am praying that we have finally caught a break

The past years have been an extremely stressful business environment and we have stripped down to bare bones

Hopefully the economy won’t tank again


6 responses to “2016 off to a better start

  1. rightwingterrorist

    My fingers are crossed for you.

    It sure as shit ain’t getting any better on my end.
    But, hell, at least someone’s getting some luck.

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