Head of Co. GOP in hiding after deaths threats



Yep, they have gone and done it

Many of us already knew that the candidates were pre-chosen and the vote rigged

But now the mask is off and the whole country gets to see what’s going on

They are so afraid that a candidate who won’t play ball with the NWO is going to get in that they are in full blown panic

“It’s our party and we choose the candidate”

Wow, they really threw back the curtain there and exposed the great Oz for who he is

Both sides have made it clear that have no care whatsoever about the will of the voters

What they didn’t realize is what a downright surly mood most of our nation is in

They in their ivory towers have been insulated from this economy and have not been through what a lot of the country has

They have also misjudged how pissed off people really are at being lied to when they elect a so called representative to government

Now even the guise to representation is gone

I think this firmly puts us into the second stage or revolution



5 responses to “Head of Co. GOP in hiding after deaths threats

  1. Way too many promote that this is about Trump. It isn’t. It isn’t about Trump and it isn’t about the very ignorant (I’m only doing my job) Steve House.
    Ten years ago when I first started blogging it wasn’t long till I realized that nothing was going to change until the pocketbooks of the citizens was effected.
    I was so wrong.
    Americans have stoically put up with the monetary theft and all kinds of other crap! But we know how to survive, and thus far have.
    No – what has finally pissed off the average American citizen is the theft of “choice.”
    Bad move!

    I really, really, like –> “What they didn’t realize is what a downright surly mood most of our nation is in”

    • It is the truth though. The average citizen is fed up. I talk to a lot of people daily and half the time what I hear is a rant. Enough is enough. Now even the illusion of choice is gone. Little Rinse Penis and his comment “If you don’t like our party , you can just sit down”. Well the choice isn’t that simple. There is no viable third party and if you expect to participate in a meaningful way it HAS to be through one of the two parties.

  2. colddeadhandsdays

    Oh yea it’s Trumps fault….How about the people are FED UP with being ignored and screwed!!!! The giant is awakening and what do the corrupt insides do? Double down of course…This will not end well.

  3. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

    No sympathy for the GOP or the rest of the oligarchy.

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