My brother was in the Brussels airport during the bombing. Just received word

Just received this comment.

“Hey brother. I think you haven’t gotten my txts. Was in the airport when the bombs went off. We were housed in a secure hangar while they searched for terrorists. Airport was locked down and we were bussed w police escort to a barracks to sleep on cots w 3500 others elbow to elbow Yesterday since airport was still locked down they bussed us to Frankfurt Germany and we flew out to USA. I’m on my way home now. Been traveling since Sunday night. All is well none of our group was hurt

mj Rt Rev Michael Jarrett Sent from iPhone”

2 responses to “My brother was in the Brussels airport during the bombing. Just received word

  1. I am so glad for you and yours Jay. Did you even know he was in Brussels much less at the airport?
    My best friend lived there till 2 years ago, now in G.B. but it has been a tense time for her waiting on head count of friends/students/teachers she is still close with. The father of one of her students was killed………….
    Jay – I’m sorry I have not replied to your em a week or so ago. What do they say – it’s “complicated.” I am just laying low – very unhappy with things in this country. Finicum and one other thing just did me in.
    So, I’m breaking my silence because things have been tough on you and the Mrs and I know your brothers safety, and those out doing good with him, is so good for you. Prayers answered I’m sure.

    • Thank you for your well wishes and no I did not have a clue that he was in Brussels. He always lets me know when he does his missions because they are weeks at a time, but not a simple (Or not) Euro trip. I kind of figured you were absent because you were in “Head not explode mode” . I have had to back off myself so I don’t go off the deep end. I actually have a humor category now. Thanks for popping in and prayers answered for sure. Sorry to hear about the students father. May he/she have a great hatred for the religion of peace.

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