To serve: Federal investigation prompts review of hundreds of criminal cases

“The federal probe into the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office could reopen hundreds of criminal cases and already has led to the dismissal of one narcotics case, according to the Iberia Parish District Attorney’s Office.

Sheriff Louis Ackal and Lt. Col. Gerald Savoy were indicted last week on conspiracy against rights and depravation of rights charges. Eight former deputies — five narcotics officers, two jail supervisors and a K-9 officer — pleaded guilty over the last few weeks to similar civil rights violations.

The DA mailed 170 letters earlier this month notifying criminal defense attorneys who’ve handled cases involving the first six deputies who pleaded guilty. Hundreds more letters are expected to be mailed addressing the remaining guilty pleas and Ackal and Savoy’s indictments.

The DA’s office has identified all of the attorneys who represented defendants since Ackal took office in 2008, said Iberia Parish District Attorney Bo Duhe.

Duhe says the letters are being mailed “out of an abundance of caution.” It will be up to the defense attorneys to file motions in their cases, but the DA’s office is also reviewing all opened and closed narcotics cases.

“You’re talking about a substantial number of cases that are going to be negatively impacted,” First Assistant District Attorney Rob Vines said. “We’re also going back and looking at closed cases to look at how this information may have impacted our charging decisions and the sanctity of the convictions.”

Duhe expects the letters will mostly affect defendants who went to trial and one of the officers testified against them, or entered a “best interest” plea, perhaps because they thought a jury would convict them because of an officer’s testimony.

“Particularly those officers who admitted they were untruthful in giving their testimony in civil cases, all their testimony are seriously in doubt,” Duhe said.”

The rest here:

Makes you wonder how many innocent people are in jail

When they sent my wife away it was a circus

She was charged with resisting obstructing and all the report said was ” She refused my search of the vehicle”

That was what was written on Stacey and Tracey’s also

The only problem?

It was Stacey’s vehicle, so My wife or Tracey could not give consent to search it

One year after charging them the charge and arresting officer were changed

It was a fish and wildlife charge initially and a second degree misdemeanor

They changed it to a State of Florida charge and made it a first degree misdemeanor

Up to 1 year in jail instead of 30 day Max.

Then the new charging officer changed his testimony that he had given earlier

He now said that all 3 of them refused to exit the vehicle for 3 minutes when ordered to do so

Even though the transcript of his earlier testimony said that they exited without hesitation

Our attorney never brought it up


Now it gets better

At sentencing the cop Emmanual Tsongranis asks to give a victims impact statement

The judge says no because he is not the victim, the state of Florida is

So the cop says that he has something really important to read

The judge looks at the paper he is waving and finally says “Okay, there was  a report that she tried to hit you, I’ll allow it”

(And that was total and utter bullshit because she was in handcuffs the entire 3 hours and no mention whatsoever of attempted violence”

So the judge takes it and reads it and guess what it is?

No, really guess

Alright I’ll tell you

It is an article from my blog

Yeah, they are reading my shit at her sentencing

That’s Fucking rich isn’t it?

My shit

And then the judge says he can’t let it influence his sentencing

And then he quotes what I wrote and sentences her to 30 days

You wonder why I fucking hate cops?

Well there is a good portion of it

I will tell you what, these motherfuckers should really pray for my continued good health

Lying, fucking piece of shit scumbags

See there? Got myself all riled up again


2 responses to “To serve: Federal investigation prompts review of hundreds of criminal cases

  1. rightwingterrorist

    Iberia Parish, as in LA?
    If so, how did things get changed to FL?

    I once spent a long weekend in the St. Mary Parish jail.
    Being originally a yankee and all, I knew I was in trouble when the enforcer said “You sound funny boy, you ain’t from round here are ya?”
    Got the shit beat out of me by several cops in the cop shop, because they wanted to drug test me and I refused (I was clean but don’t trust the bastards), politely, but that didn’t matter. Then put me into a closet sized room with a hole in the floor for pissing/shitting. They had several large burly types waiting for me the next day wanting me to be “combative” again. I gave them the piss for their test. Ended up in a cell that was overcrowded and I was the only white guy. According to the cops because I was a “yankee, and I needed to learn.”
    Ended up costing me over $400 in fines for “remaining where forbidden (whatever the hell that means) and disorderly (which I believe I picked up when I didn’t want to piss for them) when I was finally able to convince a bondsman to bail me out. All for being in the wrong place at the wrong time in Morgan City, LA.


    • They are separate. I posted the LA. article and then got all worked up into a lather. It was the similarities that related me to the La cases. We traveled through La. a year or so ago when my niece died. I made sure I fueled up first because I had no intention of stopping. Your story just re-enforces that


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