To serve:Louisiana DEA Agent Arrested For Dealing Drugs

For the second time in less than a month a Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Deputy has been arrested on charges of selling drugs. This time the officer involved was on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration task force.

Authorities alleged that Deputy Karl Newman was stealing and then selling drugs that were seized in raids. State Police spokesman Doug Cain told the Louisiana Radio Network.

State Police received information that a law enforcement officer may be involved in the distribution of marijuana on the north shore.

Information obtained in that tip led authorities to arrest Newman on charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and abuse of office.  Newman’s arrest comes just weeks after another Tangipahoa lawman Johnny Domingue was booked on drug distribution charges.

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Ouch! Now that has to hurt two of them within weeks of each other
A few bad apples huh?

One response to “To serve:Louisiana DEA Agent Arrested For Dealing Drugs

  1. Lakeisha Washington

    Since Holder ate DEA’s cajones-raw. Dea has ceased all TFO backgrounds, waived all their clearances, and stopped all TFO quality control programs. You will see much more of this before things get better. Then consider- the press only hears of about 10% of DEA’s OPR corruption and release of classified info, investigations!

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