Update on Shaylyn

She is in

I just received the notice

I worked with a local agent and she managed to get her a subsidy

With what I have in hand I should be able to keep her insured and get her premium medical care for the next year

Many,many thanks to all of my fellow patriots, writers and friends for making this happen

Her actual coverage starts march 1st

I cannot express the gratitude of my family enough to all of you who have helped

I talked to Shay last night and told her I was 99% that everything was a go

She couldn’t thank me enough

I told her not to thank me because I am her father and that’s my job

I told her instead to thank all of the people who sent their well wishes and hard earned money to someone they didn’t know

She started crying and told me that she had given up and was just going to accept it until this came about

She told me to tell you all thank you for what you have done

And in the future she is going to try and help someone out in return

My best regards to all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart


9 responses to “Update on Shaylyn

  1. God Bless and keep all of you.


  2. rightwingterrorist

    Not a problem.


  3. “And in the future she is going to try and help someone out in return”
    That right there shows that you raised the girl right!


    • Thank you brother. If I can ever help you out or you are in the hood, let me know. I am 90 north of Tampa


      • You’re welcome,I was ready to send a few more $$$,the accountant came back yesterday and cut my snowplow check.
        Hope all goes well for Shay.
        If you’re anywhere near Spring Hill,I’ll be heading down that way either spring or fall to help stepfather-for lack of a better term-(he and my mom got together years ago,after I was already an adult,and my dad had passed away.) move back up here.
        maybe we can get together for a beer-or a coffee if you don’t drink.


  4. When one of us is down, it is our duty to circle the wagons and help pick up the pieces. If you need help with anything else, please let me know.


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