Brown beast

This is Jackson  my brown beast

And photographing him at lunch was a total fail

He is a Scott type performance standard bulldog

I took him outside to try and get some pics but the damn dog is so fast that all I got were leg and tail, body shots and ass shots

He never stops moving so I was forced to take him in and make him sit

So if you want to see what my dog looks you have to rotate the picture on the left and put it on the body on the right

After my wife losing her son this guy was the best medicine to be had

He is probably the smartest dog I have ever had and he is a complete goof ball

Pick something up he is not familiar with and he will jump 4 Ft. sideways

Poke at him with it and he comes at you with ferocious mock vicious

I mean seriously vicious, if you didn’t know him you would think he was about to attack

Snarling, barking and full blown pearly whites

Then all you have to do is lean over a little and say “Kisses”

Next week I will get a vid of him attacking the camera it’s pretty freaking amusing



7 responses to “Brown beast

    Jay I have a 19# doxie. Across the fence live two dogs (forget the breeds) the same size as Jackson.
    Every night, every single night my dog goes to the fence, he will wait an hour for one or both of the two dogs to come to fence and then they play – lets see who can growl the most ferociously and push down the fence (so far hasn’t happened thank heavens. My dog would be torn to pieces.)
    A true cacophony of kings!
    I think it a riot. Spouse does NOT. So I go over and yell at Joe and yellow dog and at my dog for them all to go to their respective corners which they do.

    • He is gorgeous and a sweetheart to boot. He is super high energy so he is always leaping and tearing through the shrubs. We have been petless for 8 Yrs. When our 21 Yr. old cat Evelyn died we swore them off. That’s a long time with a pet. That was the pet of my youth and we got old together. I got her when I just turned 24.

    • And BTW, what is a Doxie?

  2. I like him. A pit-mix? Part lab? My dog, Pebbles, has the same flares on the neck. Lab-pit mix. I have never had a finer dog.

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