Don’t turn your back

Matts car

I have a guy that works for me that has zero mechanical ability when it comes to cars

His old Caddy has been having overheat issues

I found out that someone had bypassed the heater core and the heater hoses were kinked completely closed

I sent him to the auto parts store to get a 90 degree Ell to remove the kink

When he came back this is what his car looked like

The only part that is actually part of the car is the black shroud hanging over the passenger side head light

The rest are ditch witch parts, random gears, spark plugs, wire, etc.

The battery case that is sitting up on the engine looks just like the pressure reservoir just below it

When he came back from the parts run he just sat in the truck and stared for about a minute and a half

Once he got it all figured out he was all like” Yeah, you didn’t get me”

Yeah right

Looks are precious…



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