Tough times

I would like to tell all of you who have donated to our cause how important it has been to us

Whether monetary or well wishes to our family your support has been invaluable

These are some really dark times and knowing how many decent people are out there really helps

I would also like to personally thank Janice for her donation and the anonymous sender from Gratz Pa.

There is something personal about it when you see someones hand writing and know that they penned that out to help you further your cause and ease your pain

“”Hope you find peace and strength for what lies ahead”

Thank you all for everything


BTW if I can do anything for any of you, let me know. I am an expert in the field of Irrigation and drainage. If I can assist you in design, repair, technical info etc. just let me know.

On the irrigation end I go from residential to Golf course



4 responses to “Tough times

  1. Check the paypal link,I shot you a few more $$$ today.
    More to follow.

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