The take from Iowa

Well, the one thing we can take from Iowa is that no one anywhere wants Jeb Bush

Enough with the Bush’s

Someone asked me if I thought that Trump was a conservative

My answer was fairly simple

GWB was a conservative

He gave us medicare part D

No child left behind


A huge national debt

China most favored nation status

Two wars that destabilized the middle east and allowed the spread of Muslim insurgencies that now control half of the African continent

The economic collapse of 2008

And the list goes on

I don’t think it matters at this point what label Trump wears

As long as it is not Bush


One response to “The take from Iowa

  1. Slim picken’s – My vote would be that of no confidence. They all suck as far as I’m concerned. The political garbage can is overflowing and needs to be emptied. Once emptied a biohazard crew will be required to remove any left over pathogens. – .02¢

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