A thanks to all of my online friends

A lot of people have supported me through out the time I have been going through with the death of my wife’s son and our daughter’s cancer.

I would like to thank you all for your care and concern and prayers because they really do count in times like these

There can be some dark days and knowing that you have people on your side really does help at times

Maybe it’s just the knowledge that living in this world of crap we do there are still decent people about

Anyway thanks, and especially to the ones who are there every time

You know who you are

11 responses to “A thanks to all of my online friends

  1. Jay – speaking for myself and probably a lot of your on line friends – we have problems and worries and fears for our children and grandchildren and this country/world. These are such trying times.
    But the loss of a child – that loss – most of us can’t even touch that. Just the thought is too much, too much.
    And now cancer of another child.
    You two have heavy burdens and – I wish for the two of you that it were not so and pray there is some healing every day.
    Jay – how is the nephew? who was in the wreck?


    • Thank you so much. You are one of the ones always there. The nephew survived because he belted up but he sustained a lot of upper body injuries. Broken jaw, arms and ribs. He is a sad story. When he was a kid in the early 90’s A garbage truck knock him over on his bike and parked on him. Luckily it was right in front of a fire station with medics on hand. They had to leave the truck wheels on him for almost an hour until they got him into a MAST suit which stops the deadly blood pressure drop that the removal of a crushing object causes. In that incident he lost his spleen, a kidney and had his legs and pelvis crushed. He can walk but limps badly and always has problems with his legs swelling. He is someone who definitely did not need more on his plate


  2. I am truly sorry for all that you are and have gone through. You and your family are in my prayers. May God bless you and give you strength.


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  4. I did not know as I am a new reader. I am sorry for the loss your family has suffered and I will be keeping you all in prayers.


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  6. I’m sorry to hear that. I will keep you in my prayers.


  7. Thanks man. Every bit counts


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