Happy Monday

This is a response to an Email that I got from an organization pushing the republican party
It’s Monday
I am hung over because I was medicating with Vodka after getting hit by a 16 Ft. 2″x6″ yesterday
I am an asshole
Happy Monday

Steve, I am a former political activist who has given up on the system. I am hard core 3% and believe that the system is so far gone that voting no longer matters. The republicans are no better than the Democrats and they are content as long as they are co-rulers.
The Republicans are doing nothing more than slow walking us to the Democratic end game. A Republican majority in both of the houses has done absolutely nothing but further the agenda of the Obama administration.
At this point, to put it bluntly and frankly, the Republican party can go fuck itself.
The party itself has now become an enemy of liberty, freedom and the American way of life
We now exist in a de-facto police state that is only going to get worse as time goes on.
My last vote, which I did very begrudgingly, was for Romney
It is, as I stated, my last vote
The political process is so broken that no choices remain
Never again will I vote for the lesser of two evils because evil is still evil no matter what
All the Republican party is doing is slow walking our republic to the gallows instead of the Democratic fast walk
It no longer matters who wins
Our freedoms are gone
Our independence is gone
Our way of life is soon to end
Being an American no longer has a meaning
Go ahead and vote
It won’t count anyway
Best regards and happy Monday, Jay

5 responses to “Happy Monday

  1. Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    Every single word of this post I could have written with the exception of self medicating part due to having been hit by 16′ ………
    Romney was my last vote and a begrudging one at that. Ryan had just pulled some crap on the people at a rally and I knew it was all just more sham.
    The Election Fairy is still doing his/her best to bamboozle this nation so that we go to the polls once every two/four years and think that’s going to take care of our problems. It’s senseless to keep saying WAKE UP AMERICA! Time to GROW UP AMERICA!
    There are only two solutions to this mess.
    See image at the bottom of this post:
    The other solution? Same image but substitute We, the People.


  2. I gave up after I voted for Ron Paul in the primary and the media/gop establishment treated him so poorly. I still try to be active in local and state politics as much as I can. I live in North Idaho and I have to say even here the prognazis have moved in (mostly from CA) and are trying to bring their bullshit ways. The one that aren’t prognazis are sucking off the fed tit with their eyes closed. The system IS broken and a vote won’t fix it, all a vote does is legitimize the system.

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  3. “all a vote does is legitimize the system.”
    Yes – a broken/corrupt and evil system.
    How many elections is it going to take before people get that?


    • I stopped voting (Fed) when my choice became Bob Dole/ Bill Clinton. It was in protest, not laziness. I re-upped in 08 when I saw that a commie out of Shy-town was running (My home town which is loaded with them) After 12 I am out again. There was so much cheating, vote rigging and all around shenanigans that I cannot be convinced that Zero actually won. Do the math on this: In Florida an R Governor hated by the left was re-elected. A super majority of R were elected to both state houses. Obama won Florida…..So we are to believe that all these voters that pulled the lever for Republicans then voted for Chairman Zero ? If so I have some land down here to sell you cheap….


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