American patriot radio

This is run by Jason W. Hoyt and he can be found at

I met Jason at a freedom works event a few months ago along with Ted Cruz’s father and a number of other notables and authors. (Ted’s father is really cool by the way).

I had a fairy lengthy conversation with Jason and he gave me an overview of his recent book “Consent of the governed”

I was in complete agreement with him on all points and I told him that when I had the time, I would pimp his book and his website for him

Well , it is better late than never

He has a quality blog that has a very lengthy and detailed breakdown of the whole Bundy/Maheur event recently posted

A link to his book is here:

Please put a link to his blog in your sidebar after checking it out and pass around the link to his book

We need liberty minded authors and we desperately need liberty minded books

Give a patriot a boost and help him sell something that our country really needs

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