About the lowest scumbag thing that you can do

Happy fucking day after thanksgiving

Excuse my language but,

This just came across my desk first thing in the morning

“Okay, I just spent my entire day in court. I was served a notice for a hearing for a restraining order and a civil lawsuit from the Kerodins about 3 weeks ago.
I do feel the hearing went well for me. I had good representation, I gave my answers clearly and half-assed intelligently and the judge was taking lots of notes. My attorney cost me money I didn’t have but I refuse to walk into a courtroom without one. That’s like going brown bear hunting without a weapon.
I’m not going to say anything more about it because the judge won’t reach his decision on the restraining order until the 16th. I go to court on the civil lawsuit in January.

I’ve turned the comments off for this post and I’m also not going to publish any comments about this anywhere on the blog for obvious reasons so don’t waste your time trying. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in kind of a shitty mood. I think I’m going to have a beer.”

And the the best part is here from Angel:

And now, they’re going after Ken Lane.

Holly Kerodin slapped him with an Order of Protection, which is what the court case was about yesterday. She specifically requested that the court force him to surrender his guns. WTF? Unlike Sam, Ken has NEVER threatened physical violence to anyone, especially the Kerodins. But she’s so afraid of Ken, she’s demanding the court disarm him. The second case is suing for money for “damaging her reputation”. Uh-huh. I think they did a good enough job of that on their own.

But the result of this bullshit is Ken has had to retain a lawyer (who knew his defense fund would need to be activated because of a “fellow Patriot”?) with all the expenses that entails. Not only is this a specious case designed to damage, harass, and potentially disarm Ken, it’s an assault on all Patriots. A “warning” not to cross the Kerodins. Don’t ask questions, don’t look behind the curtain.”

“specifically requested that the court force him to surrender his guns”

Until now I have stayed out of the whole III fray

Most of the reason being that I had long ago decided that “Walks like a duck ” held true

But this is beneath low and beyond the norm of general douche baggery

I have had dealings with Mr. Lane in the past and I will tell you personally that he is the one holding the position of righteousness here

To specifically ask to have him disarmed over a blog dispute shows truly who is who

It also shows who the III really are

If it comes to that I will personally be sitting on his doorstep when the time arrives

Take a side here and do something for a real patriot

Please donate , but don’t let it stop there

Take this info and pass it as far and wide as you can

Enough is enough


PayPal: k59lane@yahoo.com
Mailing: Ken Lane
P.O. Box 1996
Ceres, CA 95307
If you are out of the loop Kenny can be found here: http://knuckledraggin.com/

And Angel here: http://hopelesslysane.blogspot.com/



4 responses to “About the lowest scumbag thing that you can do

  1. I have been a follower of both blogs for awhile now, and have seen a little of the dispute from afar. I visited Mr. Kerodin’s site a few times but found myself put off reading things like killing all Muslims, and preparing for the end of the world by preparing for war, instead of prepping for our families first. That’s just me. However, I have found Ken to be a man of his word. Case in point, Kilted to Kick Cancer benefit last fall, when he wore a mini skirt as incentive for meeting a dollar goal. With legs like his, I would have had to think twice before keeping my promise.
    Kidding aside, it is a shame that there are people who will use tactics like this to gain any advantage they can when their goal appears to be a financial one. In my opinion, they are indeed the scum of the earth. I believe the hands of justice will do their work. It is a shame that Kenny and Miss Lisa have to stand so close to people like the Kerodin’s. I am sure the Lanes will feel like taking a looong shower with strong soap when everything is all done.

    • So, here is how it is with Mr. Lane. He had some friends in town that were unemployed and he showed them a good time. He ran short of money for necessities and asked for some III% help. I was busted broke and was only able to come up with 7 bucks that I donated to his cause with an apology for the pittance. The next day he sent me 100 bucks because he had received more than he needed or expected. He is not only a man of his word, but he also knows how to show class

  2. Damn, this getting around. But please, no more donations. I have more than enough to cover my attorney fees.

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