New sparring partner

My new pooch is definitely good medicine

For having spent 9 months out of his 1 yr. life in doggy jail he is incredibly well behaved

He is house broken, heel trained and smarter than all get out

He is also very sweet natured and quite likable

As a plus, he likes to box

I have a 120 Lb. heavy bag hanging in the garage that I use nightly

So Jackson sees me hitting this bag and he is instantly in the game

I took a 7 Ft. length of 1″ rope and tied it into the chains on the bag

Now while I am hitting it he gets a hold of the rope and yanks the bag all over the place

The bag is labelled with two 8″ x 10 yellow ” Everlast” labels that are right at eye level and I frequently use them as targets, picking them off as the bag spins

Last night he notices that I am hitting them and starts jumping up and trying to bite the labels, growling and sounding all vicious

Yep, we are going to get along just fine



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