Leading from behind

Fearless  Feckless leader to play brinkmanship with Putin in Syria

“Washington (CNN)Russia’s power play in Syria left the Obama administration scrambling Wednesday, with the U.S. sending mixed messages on Moscow’s uncoordinated airstrikes in the civil war-torn nation.

The White House downplayed Russia’s decision to launch the strikes without coordinating with the United States, and the State Department said ahead of the strikes that Russian involvement in Syria could be an opportunity. But the Pentagon slammed the move and suggested Moscow’s backing for close ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — who appears to be losing his grip on power — will only inflame the war there and could set back the effort to drive out ISIS.”

“Russia gave the United States just one hour heads-up that it would be launching airstrikes in the western Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday morning and told U.S. aircraft — there to battle ISIS — that they needed to leave Syrian airspace.

The United States declined to do so, but having both air forces operating in the country raises the specter of military mishaps between the two powers. The United States had anticipated holding conversations with the Russian military on “deconfliction,” so that there wouldn’t be inadvertent overlap, but that expectation wasn’t met — though it appears military-to-military talks will be held as soon as Thursday.”


You know it would actually be funny if the hapless idiot weren’t the leader of our nation

We have sunk so low that this moron was actually re-elected

That doesn’t say a whole lot about the electorate at large and their decision making process

Makes me wonder sometimes what might even be worth fighting for

3 responses to “Leading from behind

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  2. The Walkin' Dude

    Russia bombs a bunch of terrorists, everyone loses their shit. US bombs a Doctors without Borders hospital, it’s *shrug* “collateral damage”. We look like a retard on a rampage, no offense to retards.

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