Mass. cop who’s car was shot up and caught fire did it himself

“MILLIS — The Millis police officer who claimed he was fired upon by a man in a pickup truck on Wednesday fabricated his account, will be fired, and likely will face criminal charges, Millis police said Thursday.

The officer’s report triggered a massive response of heavily armed police officers who conducted an hours-long search for a suspect. The town closed its public schools Thursday as a precaution after the police dragnet on Wednesday.

The officer was driving a marked police SUV when, he said, he was fired upon by a white man in a pickup truck, which forced him to drive his SUV off the road and into a tree, where the vehicle caught on fire. He claimed he had fired back at the suspect.

But Millis police said Thursday the officer, whom they declined to identify, shot up the marked cruiser himself.”

Hahahah! What an asshole

All loaded down with hero worship and lust for recognition

Look at me ! I want to be a hero!

You know I have posted so many of these dirty cop stories that I can’t even be objective anymore (Not that I really want to be)

I post shit online and let me tell you what

I am not the guy to say “Well, there are always a few bad apples” to

That can get you buried in every misdeed that these psychopathic miscreants have committed recently

From the recent string of child rapes to just old fashion beating people half to death

They have pissed in my Cheerios one final time


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