Black Panthers Builds Armed Force to Combat Police


In Dallas, Texas the Black Panthers have begun to build an army. Individuals ranging from ordinary citizens to former Army Rangers have picked up knives, shouldered assault rifles and changed into military attire to combat what they see as an ever-growing threat of police brutality. So says Reverb Press. Here is their story with new information and comment added.

One of the “drill sergeants” of the group could be seen training individuals on how to use knives in hand-to-hand combat. This story is much more than what it appears to be on the surface. While members are chanting for justice for Eric Garner and Michael Brown, the real story lies in the apparent alignment of ideologies when it comes to the Black Panthers and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

This alignment is starkly apparent, but once the NRA takes note, history might just have them singing a different tune that we’re used to.

The Dallas Black Panthers are at the forefront of the Huey P. Newton gun Club. The group was formed from five local African-American paramilitary organizations. Their stated purpose is to be the “Black alternative to the NRA” and in reality, they are managing to pull it off. (Frankly I don’t understand this as the NRA is open to persons of any race, including Blacks)

Another goal the group strives for is:

“going into our communities and educating our people on federal, state and local gun laws. We want to stop fratricide, genocide — all the ‘cides’”

For those like me who need to visit Google for a definition, fratricide is the killing of one’s own brother or sister. But educating people on gun laws… that sounds a lot like what the NRA says they do, right? That, however, isn’t where the similarities end.

One group leader would bellow to his formation:

“This is perfectly legal! No longer will we let the pigs slaughter our brothers and sisters and not say a damn thing about it. Black power! Black power! Black power! Black power!”

His shouting was only momentarily interrupted by chants for justice for both Eric Garner and Michael Brown. While we’d likely be seriously surprised if the NRA was running with chants of “white power,” the rest of these statements closely mirror what NRA CEO and Executive Vice President once said:

“[Police are] a jack-booted group of fascists […] If you have a badge, you have the government’s go-ahead to harass, intimidate, even murder law-abiding citizens.”

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