Firearms Instructor Injured In Binary Explosives Blast

Give Me Liberty

This is from Bearing Arms.

It is real simple you violate the rules of safety would can become a Darwin Award Winner.

People make mistakes, but this goes beyond a simple mistake.

Binary explosives are incredibly safe-to-use low explosive mixtures, when they are used correctly.

Unfortunately, even some professionals sometimes forget that while binary explosives are very stable and predictable, they still must be respected as explosives, and that placing them in a such a way that they can create shrapnel is a very bad idea.

The Washington County Sheriff’s office says an instructor conducting firearms training was seriously injured when he was hit by shrapnel after an exploding target went off.

The office said 42-year-old Scott Turner of Albany suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident. He was flown Saturday night to a hospital in Portland.

Turner was leading a group of former military and law enforcement officers in firearms…

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