Scumbag Florida cop assaults disabled vet, smashes his phone for filming him

“Florida man Isiah James served his country for 10 years. He survived two trips to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.

Riviera Beach cop G. Wilson took less than 10 minutes to decide that the Army veteran Isiah James didn’t deserve a handicapped sticker.

Isiah’s $800 iPhone 6+ didn’t survive a trip to the Walgreens.

James had family in town on vacation, and father doesn’t drive, so he took father to the store. On his way home, the two man stopped at a Walgreen’s liquor store.

Cop followed Isiah James into the store before running the handicap space.

Isiah was getting ready to pay, when the officer entered the store and demanded that he leave. Another 20 seconds and he would’ve paid and left.

The Florida cop put on his doctor’s hat and declared that, “You’re walking, you’re not handicapped, someone else should use this space.”

This hero in blue is named Sergeant Gary Wilson

If you happen to live in the neighborhood, please compliment him on his fine behavior as a public servant

Things like this should not go unanswered

It is a damn shame that we don’t have the stocks anymore to publicly humiliate pigs like him

4 responses to “Scumbag Florida cop assaults disabled vet, smashes his phone for filming him

  1. It is NOT the police officer’s job to assess his handicap. Oh, yeah. He’s gotta keep his hands to himself.

  2. call jesse jackson and crew

  3. The Walkin' Dude

    I’d have found him later and made the pig handicapped with a couple rounds to the knees.

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